Saturday, December 5, 2009

Using the Foods Available

As you begin to desert your favorite western recipes due to the expense or lack of ingredients, you begin to wonder what dishes you can make with the most prevalent and cheapest foods found in Turkish supermarkets: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, white cheese, kasar cheese, sausages, oil, pasta, rice, lentils and meat.

Begin to rely on:

White cheese with pasta-a staple that is easily adapted to all ingredients
Pilaf with vegetables and roasted meats
Salads with white cheese and olive oil dressing
Cucumber and tomato salad with oil and lemon
Parsley as a garnish or salad ingredient
Roasted potatoes
Stir fry (soy sauce is readily available)
Bread with dinner; margarine always available
Lentil soup
Filo pastry (readily available fresh at all stores)
Spinach fillings in chicken and pastries
Yogurt with cucumber and dill for sauces
Yogurt and melted butter for sauces
Meatballs (ready made kofte always available)
Homemade tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes

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