Sunday, December 6, 2009

Going to the Hamam in Ankara

There are many hamams in Ankara, with the oldest ones being in Ulus. Hotels will also have a modern, expensive version of the hamam as a part of their spa services.

What you need to bring to the hamam:

1. A bar of soap

2. Two piece bathing suit

3. Shampoo and conditioner (optional)

4. Your own hamam sponge (optional)

5. Your own flip flops or waterproof slippers (optional)

The hamam will provide you with a towel, slippers, a basin for water and a changing room or locker. If you are concerned about hygiene, bringing your own sponge and slippers is a good idea. Often the hamams will sell sponges for 5TL if you want one.

When you enter the hamam, ask for a price list before you are shuffled off to a change room, as foreigners are often charged too much. Once they get to know you as a regular, this will change.

Do not be intimidated by the amount of people and staring that might take place the first time you go. The ladies will lead you around as needed.

The following services will be charged seperately:

1. Entrance fee to the hamam in general, allowing you to enter the baths and use the sauna.

2. Massage fee, based on the length of massage you ask for. 10-15 minutes is a typical length. Often the price will be by the minute.

3. Waxing

4. Pedicure/Manicure

The following website has a list of some hamams in Ankara with their addresses:

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