Sunday, December 6, 2009

Breakfast Foods in Turkey

A very typical Turkish breakfast will consist of a combination of the following foods; and is served family style in small dishes: bread, olives (zeytin), fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumber, white cheese (beyaz peynir), hard boiled eggs and garlic sausage (sucuk)

Other breakfast foods:

1. simit: simit is circular sweetish bread that is sold on the streets for 3-4 pieces for 1TL. It is best when hot, as it can be dry and hard later in the day. If you look hard, in Ankara you can always find a simit vendor who sells triangle packaged soft cheese to eat with the simit, which adds to the meal greatly.

2. borek: borek consists of filo-like pastry layered with cheese, potatoes, spinach or sometimes meat. It is served in large squares and is delicious. However, it is a hit or miss food when bought on the street or in a restaurant. Often it can be extremely oily; which takes away from the flaky pastry experience. It is easy to make at home, but if not, make sure you buy it at a proper bakery.

3. menemen: is essentially a Turkish version of the omelet, and if often advertised as one in restaurants. Tomatoes, egg, olive oil, and peppers are scrambled together in a pan. You can order it spicy or non. It will be served with bread. Often, Turks will wait until after breakfast to take their coffee. Enjoy!

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