Sunday, December 6, 2009

Inside the Hamam

Once you have entered the hamam, you will be led to a change room and be given a basin and towel. Come out with your soap and shampoo and basin with you. If you having services such as waxing, pedicure or manicure, then you will be taken to a space outside the actual baths to have this done.

Afterwards, you go into the baths. In the middle of the hamam area is a large marble table. Around the walls of the hamam area will be shallow marble sinks and benches. There is usually a sauna in this area as well. At this point, you are expected to sit on a bench and begin dousing yourself with warm water, using the basin. You will do this until your masseuse is ready for you. Do not use soap or shampoo when sitting at these basins.

When your masseuse is ready for you, she will ask you to lie down on the marble table. If you have brought your towel, you can lie on top of it, but it really serves no purpose at this point. It will only get dirty and wet.

The masseuse will begin scrubbing you with a sandpaper like scub and dead skin will begin to fall off your body. The masseuse will ask you to take off your bathing suit top, and will also pull down your bottoms at various points in the massage.

After the exfoliation, you will be given a soapy massage, rinsed off, and then you are finished. Remember to take a cold shower on your way out to close your pores.

After you are finished, you will pay on the way out. Hamams serve beverages, which you can have before during and after your time there.


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