Monday, January 11, 2010

Turkish Marbelling: Ebru

The Turkish art of marbelling, or Ebru, can be seen at a special exhibit being held at the Ankara Art Gallery in Ulus. The exhibition is on the main floor, is free, and will only take about 10-15 minutes to check out.

Marbelling is a process of dropping natural dye pastes onto thickened water. The paint is manipulated with various brushes and tools to create both innovative and traditional designs. As the paint swirls on the surface of the gummed water, paper is placed onto the paint into order to transfer the design to the surface.

If you are interested in learning or trying this art form, there are artists in Ankara who offer lessons. More information to follow.

Also, Eskisehir's local government has funded free ebru classes for anyone who wishes to learn. The artist is employed by the municipality and is very well known as a marbelling artist in Turkey. Eskisehir is only 1.5 hours away by fast train! Enjoy.

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