Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting Your Hair Cut in Ankara

Hair stylists, salons, or kuafors are everywhere you look in Ankara. Many that are recommended on the 2nd and 3rd floors of buildings, so always remember to look up when choosing a hair dresser.

What to look for: If you are a man, the words "Erkek Kuafor" or "Bay" on the window is what you are looking for. For women, look for the word "Bayan" on the window before going in.

All hair stylists in Turkey tend to be men, whether you are getting a female style or male style. Often you will be served by 2-5 different males throughout your haircutting experience. The service is truly wonderful.

Men will have the option to get a beard trim, shave, neck trim or eyebrow trim. When trying to describe what you wish your cut to look like, remember that kisa means short and uzun means long. For men, a haircut should not cost more than 7-10TL

Women will find the prices at the kuafor amazingly inexpensive compared to western prices. A haircut in Kizilay can cost as little as 7TL, however if your Turkish is poor then you will definately be subject to foreign price increases up to 30 or 40 TL.

Here are some kuafor words to help you out:

kesme: cut (noun)
kesmek: to cut (verb)
saC: hair
kIsa: short
uzun: long
kat kat: layers
resim: picture
kaS: eyebrow
gOzluk: glasses
kuru: dry
sampuan: shampoo
renk: colour
shave: tIraS etmek (verb)

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