Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Genclik Park in Ankara

GenClik park is the oldest park in Ankara and has been recently remodelled by the city in an attempt to revive its past splendors. To get there, exit directly into the park at the Ulus metro station. There are entrances to the park from AtatUrk Blv, Istiklal Cd., Cumhuriyet Blv, and TalatpaSa Blv. On the southern corner of the park in the Ankara Opera house.

The park was built in 1943 and is 38 hectres. Recently, many of the old buidings were torn down in order to create new walking paths, and to make room for more trees and flowers. In 1943, the park was created overtop what was originally a swamp and has a large man made pond complete with new lighting and fountains. The park joins to Luna Park, an amusement park. Also revived has been the outdoor Muhsin Ertugrul Theater, which is now remodelled as an indoor theatre.

The crime rate, mugging and theft, is rumoured to be higher in this park than other areas in Ankara. However, the city has pushed the revival of the park and set it up to be beautiful, safe and useable for both night and day time. Although I do not recommend going alone, GenClik park lights at night time are definately pretty. Enjoy!

This link takes you to an article in Today's Zaman discussion the reopening of the park:

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