Sunday, November 29, 2009

Using the Metro in Ankara

The metro in Ankara is dependable and fast. However, it does not reach many areas in Ankara that have developed in the past few decades. For example, it stops at Kizilay and does not reach Ayranci, Cankaya or Oran. There are two lines and the signs and maps are clear once in the stations. The EGO card will work for both the buses and metro. However the metro does not take cash. Therefore, you must buy a card from the counter near the entrance to the metro. There will be a sign with the words for 2, 10, 20 etc. entrances. Remember to tell them you are a student (or-ren-jee) if you are, because the fare is greatly reduced. Also, if you use the bus or metro with your EGO card, you have 45 minutes to change to a new bus or metro without having to pay again. You will still have to put your card in, but it will not charge you a second time.

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