Sunday, November 29, 2009

Using the Buses in Ankara

The buses in Ankara are dependable and the routes are extensive. There are two different types of buses and the difference is in how you pay. The buses that have red numbers will only take cash. When you get on, there will be a man in the middle of the bus taking money and giving transfers. The buses with the blue numbers will only take an EGO card and will not take money. These buses will require you to have your card ready to pay when you get on the bus. To get an EGO card, you can go into the Metro stations or look for an EGO advertisement outside convenience stores. The EGO card works for buses and the metro. Remember to show a student card if you can, or merely say "ogrenci" (or-ren-jee) so that your fare is only 1.10TL instead of 1.85TL. You can also buy EGO cards at small stands on the street that sell cigarettes and snacks, they will have a sign advertising it.

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