Friday, March 19, 2010

Where to Find Pork in Ankara

Pork can be a difficult thing to find in Ankara, but not impossible.  Your local grocery stores, including the larger ones such as Migros, will not carry it.  Any "jambon" products are made with beef. 

However, the exception to this rule is that in some wealthy areas or foreigner populated areas you have a chance of locating it in an imported food store or hipermarket.  Two places to find pork products include: 

Panora Mall in Oran:  There is an imported food stand on the lower level of this mall that imports bacon and sausage.  One package of small pork sausage breakfast links will cost approximately 15 TL.  To get to the mall, take a dolmus from Guven Park in Kizilay that says "Oran/Panora" on it.  It will be a 30 minute ride and the driver will know the word Panora if you need help. 

Migros in Bilkent:  The Migros and shops in Bilkent cater to a large foreign population that is there. 

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