Monday, March 8, 2010

EGO and Dolmus Fares in Ankara

As of today a city court decision has drastically cut the EGO and Dolmus prices to a mere 90 Kurus for the bus and 1 TL for the Dolmus.  This price is half of the new price that was implemented January 1 2010. 

Monday March 7 will be difficult to travel on, especially during the morning rush hour.  In protest against the new prices on the EGO, the Dolmus' will not be running until 10am.  Also, bus schedule will be irregular after 7pm tonight. 

As of now, your EGO cards will show the TAM (full price) as 90 Kurus.  If you have purchased a multiple use card, the left over money can be claimed in the metro stations.  The Dolmus is now charging 1TL.


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  3. please what is the cheapest way to go from the aeroport to city centre specially after stopping havas buses transportation

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