Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day Trip from Ankara: BeypazarI

BeypazarI is talked about and listed in any of your comprehensive travel guides such as Lonely Planet or Let's Go.  It is a small town outside of Ankara that is well known for its market (with a specialty in silver) and for its well restored Ottoman buildings in the city center and market area.  The city is pretty, set up in the mountains and spilling into a ravine.  If you want a nice day of wandering through pretty streets, shopping, enjoying great Turkish food and exploring then BeypazarI is a nice place. 

To get there, it will take you 2 hours on a Dolmus.  BeypazarI Dolmus' leave from various places within the city but a common and convenient place to catch one is across from the AkkrOprU Metro Station  (AnkaMall).  They leave every half and hour and cost 5TL per person.   They leave until 8 at night from BeypazarI, again every half hour. 

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