Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Besevler: 3rd Street

The Besevler area is a great area to enjoy pubs, restaurants and shopping. It morphs into Bachelievler as the two areas are really conjoined as an area.  Flanked by Gazi University, Ankara University and Baskent University buildings and dormitories, the area has a great atmosphere of student life as well as residential. 

3rd St.  is a street accessible from the Besevler metro stop and has many bars, restaurants and coffee houses.  The street also has a Migros and other grocery stores; as well as the popular ON bar. The ON bar is a bar, cafe and bowling alley!

To access this street, exit the Besevler metro stop and find the Burger King.  From the Burger King, walk towards the starbucks and turn left onto 3rd St.  Enjoy!

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