Friday, February 26, 2010

Ankara: Swan Park

The swan park in Tunale is a small but charming oasis at the intersection of Ataturk Blvd and Tunale Cd.  There are large trees hanging over a pond that houses white swans, geese and ducks.  Many benches are strategically placed for swan watching enjoyment. 

The interesting thing about these swans is that they were a gift from the Chinese government and have since inhabited swan park year round.  Even in the coldest days of winter, the swans can bunk down in their straw filled houses. 

To get to Swan Park, you can take any bus that runs south on Ataturk Blvd (towards Gaziomanpasa, Tunale or Kavalidere).  If this direction seems too vague, walk south on Ataturk Blvd. from Kizilay for about 15 minutes and the park will be on your left hand side.

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