Saturday, December 5, 2009

Smoking Cigarettes in Turkey

A relatively new national law has been passed that all indoor establishments and public buildings must be smoke free. In the major cities, this law is followed fairly consistently. However, you will find some people still smoking in the following places: 1. Inside locally owned small shops and bakkals; especially later at night when the number of customers is lower. 2. Bus drivers; usually on long distance bus routes. 3. Taxi drivers

The sign asking you not to smoke will say: Sigara IƧilmez Many people still smoke in Turkey and therefore also in Ankara. Both men and women smoke freely on the streets and in their homes. Turks who smoke usually also smoke in their homes, unlike some countries where even smokers don't smoke inside their own house. If the host is smoking indoors, feel free to do so also, but do not assume that is it ok. It usually is, but not always; so ask first. A pack of imported cigarette brands will run you 4.25 TL-5.50TL (ex. Winston + Marlborough). These brands are not actually imported, instead they are manufactured in Turkey under the imported name brand. Local or Turkish brand names will be cheaper; sometimes as low as 2.5TL outside the cities.

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