Friday, December 4, 2009

Qualifications and Work Conditions

It is important to know that working in a private English dershane will most likely mean you are working illegally. For this reason, get a feel for the reputation of the school. The better or well-established schools will be paying protection money and you have less of a chance of being raided by the police. This happens extremely rarely, but there are horror stories of deportations, so be careful in your choice of school. When teaching in a dershane, or private English school, you can expect to be working mostly in the evenings; after work and school is finished. Often you will work a split schedule of morning and night. Usually teachers obtain jobs at these schools with some qualifications of teaching or experience teaching. However, it needs to be said that the price of the TEFL certificate is not worth the assistance it will give you in getting a job. If you have any teaching experience whatsoever, this certificate is really unnecessay in Ankara where they are constantly looking for teachers. If working in a dershane, your pay can be 2/3 or even half of what you will make tutoring privately. The problem is that if you are not yet established in the city, finding private tutoring students can take time.

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  1. Brilliant advice, cheers, especially about the TEFL course. List of English Schools is a brill help!