Saturday, December 5, 2009

Foods that are Different in Turkey

Lemon Juice: If you buy a bottle of lemon juice, it will be slightly sweetened and made from a mix. You will notice that it does not mix with olive oil no matter how much you shake. You are better off to buy fresh lemons.

Flour: Self rising flour is not available in Turkey

White cheese: Although white cheese is essentially the same as greek "feta" cheese, it is much wetter and often milder.

Eggs: The eggs in Turkey tend to be smaller, and the yolk is much brighter. This is not a problem. Also, they do not refridgerate their eggs, which is common in a lot of countries and does not affect the freshness of the egg.

Pickles: Pickles here are soaked in a salted water instead of vinegar and therefore have a different taste; although it is still a savoury one and they are very good. Try the pickled cabbage.

Cheese: cheeses in Turkey are sometimes made from sheep's milk rather than cow. The widely eaten kasar cheese has a similar texture to cheddar, but a much different taste. For some people, the cheese in Turkey tastes "off", but you will soon get used to the flavour of the sheep's milk and love it.

Black olives: black olives are pruny here, because they are dried before they are cured. There are still amazing!

Peanut butter: is hard to find, but when found is very very sweet and has a different texture to peanut butter elsewhere. More popular is a nut spread made of hazelnuts, or a chocolate spread.

Grapes: seedless grapes are not common

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  1. Migros does brown sugar if you're hunting for it!