Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Supermarkets in Ankara

There are large supermarkets in the malls and in the city outskirts. These supermarkets have large selections of food and also have clothing, cosmetics, and appliance sections. They are not cheaper, but if you live close to one they might be more convenient. A well know supermarket is "Migros". Migros denotes the size of their stores by the number "M"s. Two Ms is a small store, only food, and limited selections. 5M stores are the largest, and are a cross between a grocery store and a department store. In terms of food, these large supermarkets do carry some different foods from the smaller ones in the city. These foods include: parmesan cheese, spices, and packaged foods such as Lipton's Side Dishes. If you are looking for a large imported foods section, you won't find it. For the most part, the selection is the same when compared with the smaller city stores, but bigger.

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