Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shopping Costs in Ankara

Ankara is a city that has choices for shopping at all levels of expense and quality.

Low: Low cost clothing and general goods can be found in many places around the city. The Ulus streets markets are very cheap, and bargaining is more common. At night, many street vendors come out in high traffic areas of the city and have very cheap clothing. Kizilay is a great place to find street vendors at night selling clothing, toys, bags, accessories, food etc. Every neighbourhood of Ankara has a weekly street market during the day. For example, in Sihhiye on Thursdays you can find a large pazaar in the park with extremely good prices.

Medium: Medium cost clothing and general goods are everywhere. Most small stores in the city have good prices, albeit higher than street market pricing. However, with the slightly higher pricing come a little bit better quality. You should realize that most name brand goods in these stores are rip offs, unless you are going to larger chain stores such as Colins. Shoes are an especially common thing to copy---they look good and they're cheap!

High: High cost clothing and goods can be found in the malls or European and North American name brand stores and ritzier areas such as TunalI street. You can also find high cost items at department stores--a large one existing under the hotel Sheridan in Cankaya. There are many malls in Ankara, some need a bus to get to and others can be found on the subway line. These malls have movie theaters, large supermarkets, and upscaled stores--as well as some of the chain stores you will see on the streets of the city.

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