Sunday, November 29, 2009

Renting an Apartment

Many people ask on forums about the price of renting an apartment in Ankara. The answer is that an apartment in Ankara can cost whatever you want it to, depending on the priorities you have. As you get furthur and furthur from the city center, prices drop dramatically. Areas of the city that are on the metro line, close to Kizilay, or trendy for shopping and restaurants can run anywhere from 600-1500 or more. It is possible however, if you move a little bit further from the main areas to find rents for 500TL or less. Furnished apartments are available in Ankara. If you do not have contacts for word of mouth, there are real estate agents that can show you rentals at all prices as well as furnished apartments. I will get back to you with specific information. One important thing to realize is that heating is often 200TL per month on top of the rent. Most people pay the building a flat rate for centralized heating and therefore should be added into your total rent budget.

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