Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coffee in Turkey

Your easiest choices for coffee are Nescafe Instant coffee or Turk coffee (recipe in separate post), but filtered coffee and specialty coffees are available.

Filtered coffee: filtered coffee makers are easy to get in Ankara. The only problem is that it is difficult to get ground coffee that is sized properly for the filtered coffee machines and so the coffee tends to be muddy. If you choose to buy a filtered coffee maker, you may have to also buy a coffee grinder as well.

Nescafe: Nescafe is sold in small one cup packages that include the sugar, milk or both. It is sold in larger packages as regular instant coffee. It is much more expensive than Turk coffee, but gives more of the effect of filtered coffee if that is what you are looking for. Try Nescafe Gold instead of Nescafe classic.

Specialty Coffee: Is readily available in Ankara. Espresso makers and milk frothers can be bought in kitchen stores, appliance stores and malls. Gloria Jean's Coffee and Starbucks also have a full range of specialty coffee but beware the prices, especially at Gloria Jean's Coffee. There are tons of coffee shops and dessert shops in Ankara where coffee is abundant.

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