Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bus Tickets to Leave Ankara

Asti metro station is the major bus station in Ankara. When you go there, you can find every bus company that exists and buy tickets. However, for people who do not live close to Asti, there are plenty of closer places to pick up bus tickets. On major streets you will see bus company offices, and they will advertise where they go to on their window. Not all bus companies go everywhere, and often they are quiet specialized in their routes. If you are not sure, Izmir street has an entire strip of companies all set up beside each other. To get to Izmir street, get off at the Kizilay metro station and exit through the Guvenpark exit. When you get outside, you will be at the intersection of two large streets--Ataturk and Ziyah Gokup. Continue up Ziyah Gokup away from Ataturk Blvd and turn left onto Izmir street when you reach the first pedestrian bridge that has a blue sign for Turkiye Bank. The Metro Bus company seems to have the most extensive route and scheduling options. The Nevesehir Bus company is the only one that goes to Cappadocia and is also on Izmir street.

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